ICE serum is a unique serum, where the active substance is a marine enzyme (Penzyme) derived from marine organisms in the Arctic Ocean around Iceland. Penzyme was developed and patented by marine biologist PhD Bjarnason, professor of biochemistry at the University of Reykjavik.

The main ingredient in ICE serum is Penzyme, which was patented in 1999 for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use. Penzyme means “penetrating enzyme” after the agent’s ability to penetrate the basal cell membrane and reach deep into the skin.

The enzymes in ICE Serum are biocatalysts, essential protein molecules, which greatly speed up the chemical and biological reactions in all living organisms.

Penzyme enzyme in ICE serum is derived from Atlantic cod (by-product) caught by fisheries in Iceland. It is produced in an environmentally friendly manner from sustainable managed natural resources and is safe for human use. 

Dr. Bjarnason has revealed that the enzymes, which are active at very low temperatures in the Arctic Ocean, at room temperature the enzymes become thirty times more active! 

In contrast, enzymes that exist on land in a more temperate climate do not increase their activity at room temperature. 

ICE serum is “Hypoallergenic” – i.e. it causes no immune reactions and is not allergenic. The product can be used safely by anyone, even on the skin under their eyes.

Dr. Bjarnason's  Iceland laboratory, Zymetech, continues to conduct research on the skin’s reaction to enzymes. They are currently developing a variety of enzyme based agents for the treatment of wounds, psoriasis, acne, childhood eczema etc.