The use of marine enzymes in skin care can be a paradigm shift!

New users are delighted to let us know how their skin has much improved even after just a short period of time!

Read some of the comments we have received:


I used Ice serum daily since 2008. My skin has definitely improved. The lines around the eyes is reduced. The skin has become smoother, thicker and softer to the touch, and it has got a nice glow. I am so excited for Ice serum!

Annette Bülow, 52, Copenhagen


Even after three days I noticed a difference on your skin. It felt fresher and healthier, and were more elastic and smooth. It seems that the skin has regained natural glow and food!

Tone B. Westlie, 48, Oslo and Copenhagen


I struggled with the stress, dry skin and hopeless in the face, despite the various creams and oils. I have now used the Ice serum in just over three weeks and notice a marked difference. The skin is supple and clear, and dry areas are completely gone! The immediate effect is what has surprised me most about this product.

Tone Sørlie, 42, Nittedal